The Team

Nisse Palm: founder, CEO Swing Low AB. Freelance bassplayer, educator 

Jonas Lindblad: Lindblad Yutang AB - AD, Communicator

Dan Magnusson: -Creative & Digital Communication & Video production

Sticky Beat: Andreas Stjärnhem, Innovation Manager, Anders Hammar, Tech Lead

Gunilla Roberg: Movexum, Business Coach

Göran Elmquist: Sound Of Silence. Tech, Hum & Noice wiz

Pre advisory: freelance players / Pal Johnsson, Kristian Lind, Magnus Eugensson



Freelance bass player Nisse Palm has nurtured a great interest and knowledge in the Double Bass sound chain for many years: Instrument - Musician - Technology

He came up with the idea to start and build Chain of Sounds, was accepted to Incubator Movexum in 2020, (yes, a pandemic lightbulb!) Idea and concept template is built and developed by the Innovation Bureau Sticky Beat. Startup grants and Innovation support from Swedish Goverment & Region Gävleborg. Movexum is approved by Vinnova as an excellent Incubator and we have received Innovation checks from here for point contributions in development.

Chain of Sounds is a Trademark in the EU, GB & USA and is owned by Swing Low AB